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Map flyby and commentary+ maps.

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Map flyby and commentary+ maps.

Post by Mosin_Master on Wed Nov 04, 2009 10:17 am


Heres on of the videos theres flybys and commentaries for more maps in the playlist. Also has commentary for the flag runner video that was recently released.

On the subject of maps here are the maps in mw2 multiplayer and spec-ops.

All descriptions of these levels are taken from the in-game descriptions of the levels.

Predator Drones, favela gangs, sniper rifles and stealth. These Ops are short and sweet.

The Pit
Clear all of the enemy targets as fast as possible. Shooting civilians will prevent you from getting 3 stars.
Est. Opposition: None
Classification: Assault
Est. Completion Time: 1:00.00

Sniper Fi
Use sniper rifles, claymores and Predator Drones to hold off waves of enemies.
Est. Opposition: Light
Classification: Wave Defense
Est. Completion Time: 4:00.00

O Cristo Redentor
Hunt down and eliminate the Favela gang. Minimize civilian casualties.
Est. Opposition: Light
Classification: Elimination
Est. Completion Time: 2:30.00

Use silenced sniper rifles and cunning to slip past the enemy patrols.
Est. Opposition: Light
Classification: Stealth
Est. Completion Time: 3:00.00

Push through the invading forces on the bridge to reach the safe zone.
Est. Opposition: Medium
Classification: Assault
Est. Completion Time: 3:30.00

AC-130 gunships, snowmobile races, and Vulcan miniguns with explosive ammo. Something for everyone.
Earn 4 stars to unlock.
Time trials, explosive breaches, boneyards and enemies in Ghillie Suits. Things are getting a bit tougher.
Earn 8 stars to unlock.
Blizzards, airports, estates and bridges. Five challenging Ops.
Earn 20 stars to unlock.

An oil rig and a favela full of Juggernauts. These Ops are fast and brutal.
Earn 40 stars to unlock.
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Body Count
Acceptable Losses
Bomb Squad
Estate Takedown
Time Trial
Snatch and Grab
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