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MW2 on PC slammed

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MW2 on PC slammed

Post by Guest on Tue Nov 10, 2009 10:29 am


You really have to read the reader's reviews to understand the outrage. An average score of 3.4 out of 10. Ouch.

An example of the reviews although maybe a score of 0/10 was a bit to harsh.

"November 9, 2009 - Modern Warfare 2 started out as the most anticipated game of the year for 2009. Following on the heels of best seller Modern Warfare 1, it seemed a golden age of gaming would follow.

For several months, however, the PC crowd became anxious. No open beta, no demo to be provided at release, and very little word on what would be new or the same in the PC version.

The bad news came rapidly - first it was a lack of dedicated server support. This shocked and stunned the community, as PC gamers revile Peer 2 Peer gaming as inferior and unnecessary (at least when it comes to the PC market, a more discerning crowd than their console cousins). Hope came with a petition that crossed 200,000 signatures to restore dedicated servers in a patch, but IW not only refused to consider, but outright mocked PC gamers for their outrage. The community that gave IW their start and notoriety with the original Call of Duty was not pleased at all.

Then came the rest of the news. No console commands available in the PC version (say goodbye to customizing your field of view or adjusting nuanced graphics settings ingame). No mapping or modding tools, period. No recording feature (a must for competitive leagues). The ability to 'lean' around corners removed, as the game was "not balanced for lean". The player limit in the game was reduced from 32 (although many servers ran 64 player slots in CoD4), to a mere 18. PC gamers will not even have an option to votekick players ingame if they encounter someone that is cheating. In fact, most horrified questioners were answered with the response "We would like you to play the game as we designed and balanced it".

IW is trying to set a precedent of removing all control from PC gamers and forcing us into the same category as console gamers. They're raising prices on us while removing features, preparing us to be forced to buy their DLC instead of creating our own maps, and limiting the amount of enjoyment we can derive from the game. Not only that, but since the game is tied to their controversial and deeply hated IW.net service, they can pull the plug when Modern Warfare 3 comes out to ensure gamers can't continue playing the old product.

This is a sad day for PC gamers. I highly recommend you do not purchase this game, and be sure to make your discontent known to Infinity Ward. It's one thing to want to make money on your product, and I fully support their endeavors in that, but it's another to openly disrespect and disregard the community that made you great in the first place."

Rest In Peace Insanity Ward.

Actually it gets worse. Search modern warfare 2 pc in google and you'll find this:



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Re: MW2 on PC slammed

Post by catseye626 on Tue Nov 10, 2009 11:20 am

I already posted up that link at the bottom but ill leave it there. The problem with this review is that it focuses plainly on what IW have taken out. They've obviously haven't taken account actual gameplay which would at least get a 5 out of 10, so not really a good review but it is understandable why this review was written.



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