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Assassin's Creed

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Assassin's Creed

Post by JayProBii on Thu Oct 15, 2009 1:36 pm

Often overlooked, the storyline is the most important aspect of a game especially if it is the only aspect. Since Assassin's Creed has no multiplayer, the single player campaign must be exiting and innovative to capture the gamer. You can kill the hidden Templars and maybe find a flag or two, but there is really nothing else to do once you complete to the story but the finish it again. Without ruining it for players who have yet to play (not much, this game is OLD), Desmond, has been kidnapped by an ambiguous scientific company who are willing to use him to test their machine, the Animus, that can use the user's genetic code to trace back to his distant ancestors. As the game nears its end, we are treated a bunch of clumsy philosophies designed to make the game sound deeper then it actually is. This all leads to a conspiracy, involving a fellow assassin rescuing Desmond from his death, he then sees some blood on the wall. Confused? Definitely needs a sequel!

Assassin's Creed is an action adventure game that focuses on stealth, well it atleast tries to get this message across to the player. Unfortunately, that's only in name. Sure, there is a dose of stealth elements, such as group blend, blend, low profile, high profile actions etc., but if anyone has the lack of brains to obey the Animus when it tells Altair to stay out of trouble, then they'll need to call the ambulance. Reason? Assassin's Creed is BORING when played stealthily. This is because the game moves so slowly that watching grass is better. The minigames that Altair are required to perform each assassination to gather information about the target are repetitive and boring, and often so simply you'll wanna get a refund.

However, it isn't all doom and gloom. The combat system in Assassin's Creed is spanking and awesomely good. Apart from the one button combat (a single button is used to perform all your attacks), the combat in Assassin's Creed is definitely a highlight and a great reason to get this game. The counter moves are especially commendable. You see, holding the R1 and pressing the single button used for combat actually in a certain time period before whatever you're fighting manages to land a hit results in Altair often finishing the unfortunate somebody with a spectacular move that usually involves a welcome dose of blood.

Assassination is also a great part of the gameplay in Creed. There is nothing more sadistically fun then sinking your trusty hidden blade into a fleshy neck. Plus, the assassinations at the end of every chapter in Creed are especially fun, where you have to track down your target and then plan and execute the successful pounce.

Ah, good stuff.

The only word to describe this part of the game is stunning.

Assassin's Creed offers beautifully rendered, historically accurate and just plain AWESOME cities to explore. Every little detail has been attended to, from the faces on each civilians face, to the View Points, majestic, tall buildings, and many other things that will pass the eye at first glance. The framerate is very solid, with hardly any drops, and the colours are saturated and rich, making this game a delight to the eyes from start to finish.

Assassin's Creed offers some highlights in its aural capabilities, and these are especially the civilians and generally the people in the three cities. This is due to the fact they speak with convincing (and stereotypical) accents, and this is punctuated by delightfully loud shouts of pain or taunts when you face off with them.

However, the same cannot be said the same with Altair, he is definitely the weak link in the voice acting crew. The music is the game is also very lacking, though perhaps it is better this way, as it accentuates the action and assassinations.

-Final Comments and Ratings-
Assassin's Creed is a pickle. It is a great game but the plot that was revealed in the trailer, doesn't come to life in the game, sure you do kill nine men, but other CRAZY plot twists come about during the game. The gameplay can however be addictive and will bind the player to the controller until the end of the story line [atleast once Wink].


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