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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Post by JayProBii on Thu Oct 15, 2009 1:38 pm

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - What a brand

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is an action game that focuses on the amazing ability that the protagonist 'Starkiller' has. This is of course, the force. The games begins in a tutorial level where you play as the badass lord himself, Vader. your mission is to assassinate a rebel Jedi hiding on Kashyyyk. The Sith lord finds a son of the Jedi and after a time lapse, that boy becomes the apprentice of Vader. The apprentice, Starkiller then takes on the grimy tasks that pursue. The story line is unfortunately short and there is no multiplayer mode on the PS3! Couldn't they throw in a multiplayer light saber duel? Just my personal thoughts.

The game most certainly lives up to its name, Starkiller can hurl his lightsaber at foes and throw them like the rag dolls that they are. Starkiller has many techniques to his disposal, such as, force lightening, repel, push and grab. The force abilities are great and so are the saber combos, but the button mashing gets repetitive as you fight your way through waves of enemies. The bosses were definitely the highlight for me, especially the final duel.

My favourite force skill in the game would be lightening. There is nothing more sadistically fun than watching poor storm troopers suffer bolts of electricity running through their bodies.

The graphics of the game come to life with the aid of the force powers that you have to your disposal. Whenever Starkiller hurls a poor rebel into a sheet of glass, the reaction is life-like that are different each time you do it. The cutscenes are superb and they present the secret story between Episode III and IV as smoothly as possible.

The thunderous roar of the Star Wars soundtrack is back and sounding as good as it ever was. The voice acting is refreshing and makes you relive memories from the movies. The sound of the lightsabers clashing is devastating and joyous. The audio of the game is great but occasionally there is a problem with the lip sync.

-Final Comments and Ratings-
Essentially, it's not the game's fault for being under-rated, the hype was ludicrous and people expected a lot more than what they got. This includes me. This game is a must play for all Star Wars fans and shouldn't be overlooked.


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