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Favourite video game trailers?

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Favourite video game trailers?

Post by Mosin_Master on Mon Oct 19, 2009 10:10 am

Sorry if im spamming the misc. forums with all these topics..anyway favourite game trailers. Here are a few of mine. Wouldn't classify some of these as actual trailers so please dont flame me about them not being trailers. Would add the infamy trailer but you can view it in the previews section.
All amazing trailers,tried to write a countdown of my favourite to my least but i couldn't, just couldn't, they're all amazing trailers. Edit:I will continue to update this as more and more trailers continue to come out so stay tuned.

Yay Dragon Age

Damn microsoft, why are they so good at marketing.

Epic song,epic video.

10 million,thats how much it cost to make this.

Stir up fanboy war =D

Please don't hurt me for showing this, don't hate Halo it ain't too bad.

And a parody of one of my favourite trailers which is awesome in its own right.

War, war never changes. I have this game, one of the best in my collection, highly recommended.

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Re: Favourite video game trailers?

Post by JayProBii on Mon Oct 19, 2009 10:23 am

I would put BF:BC's Bad world here but since its already posted up, I got more.



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