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Red Faction II

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Red Faction II

Post by animations3 on Wed Oct 28, 2009 12:21 pm

Following the events of Red Faction, Red Faction II is about a group of rebels. Unlike the first Red Faction, however, it takes place on Earth and has absolutely nothing to do with miners or Ultor, save the nanotechnology that was created by a Dr. Capek from Red Faction (You actually got to fight him). Anyway, Chancellor Victor Sopot decides to use that nanotechnology to create an army of super soldiers, each with superpowers and the like. A group of 6 people, however, decided to rebel (I forgot why). The squad consisted of Quill, a sniper with aimbot, Shrike, who can drive vehicles with speedhacks, Tangier, who has invisibility hacks, Repta, who is on steroids (x1000), Alias, the demolitions expert (no special ability there, but could be regeneration), and Molov, the leader (seriously, no special abilities). You take control of Alias, and start off working for Sopot as an elite member of his army, stealing a nanotech core. The characters are then introduced and you eventually start in a building, killing people with one final goal: To assasinate Sopot. But the story doesn't end there. There is an incredibly stupid plot twist, and ends up turning the tables on Alias.

One of the fist games I've played with the regenerating health system. Red Faction II also uses Geo-Mod, but there are not many times where it can be properly utilised. Most weapons are similar or even the same as Red Faction, although there are new weapons such as the nano mg's and the anti-personnel weapon (it's called that. Seriously.). There is a dual wielding feature in the game, although it is only limited to the pistol, machine pistol (yes, WTF.) and the nano mg's. Also, when dual-wielding, you can't use two different guns. In other words, you can't mix up your guns (I don't see why you would. The nano mg is about 5 times stronger than the MP's.). Most weapons have a primary fire and a secondary fire. They are usually similar (e.g. the assault rifle: PF is three round burst, SF is continuous fire), but in some cases are radically different (e.g. the NICW (my favourite weapon by far) : PF is continuous fire while SF is a grenade which explodes on impact.) Recurring weapons include the rail driver and the Heavy Machine Guns.

Another fun part of the game is VEHICLES. If the same amount of vehicles were available in Killzone 2, I'm sure I wouldn't lend it to anybody. Let's see... There's a tank, an armor suit, a fighter jet and a submarine. All with explosives.

Not sure how to comment. It's not 8-bit, but it's not exactly Crysis either. In fact, it's quite similar to Red Faction, but just a bit more polished. There are no mirrors in the game, so there's no obvious way to see how musch detail was put into the graphics. Good, but not spectacular.

I dont's recall many sound effects, but I do remember some parts. In a sewer level, the music was actually quite unnerving, and made yo want to get out of there as fast as you can. There was also another thing. EXPLOSIONS. Not that the sounds were anything special, just that it was fun (and funny) to see and hear zombies being blown up in the head.

-Final comments and Rating-
Just like anything else I play, it's fun, and I get a decent amount of hours with it. The weapons were fun to use, but not much thinking was required. Also, it might get a little hard at some points, but overall it's not too stressing. To add to the gaming experience, you can play with bots in deathmatch, capture the flag and bagman. Overall, it's not a bad game.


P.S. I actually played this game on PS2. It's just that there's no PS2 thread and this game was also out on PC.

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Re: Red Faction II

Post by Mosin_Master on Wed Oct 28, 2009 12:23 pm

Good reviews for Red Faction I and II, your going up a karma rank animations! CONGRATULATIONS!
Anyway, i need to get back to doing my Crysis review sometime..


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