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I wanna be the guy

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I wanna be the guy

Post by Razor Devil on Sat Oct 31, 2009 2:15 pm

Hey guys, since I'm a very sadistic person and I want you all to suicide, here it is:

I wanna be the guy
A game that's styled like an 8-bit platformer, with a twist. A big twist. You play as "The Kid" who is on a quest to become "The Guy"! Along the way you must fight fruit and spike and a variety of bosses, until you must eventually encounter and kill "The Guy". You are equipped with the "Cape of Heroes" which allows you to double jump, as well as "Very Small Gun".
Sound easy?

Some big twists/variations from normal platformers -
  • The Kid has no lives/health and dies in one hit.
  • Many things such as spikes and apples as well as objects in the background can kill The Kid.
  • Even if you touch the side of a spike you still die.
  • In many parts of the game the only way you can get past somewhere is timing and controlling your jumps correctly and scraping through by 2 pixels (sometimes this is not an exaggeration) as jump height depends on how long you hold the jump key.
  • Bosses are hard in indescribable ways.
  • Your gun serves no purpose most of the time.

Still not convinced?

Wikipedia Article
Cloud8745's playthrough
(This is a video of a person slowly turning insane while playing IWBTG Razz )
How Cloud went insane

And the download:

Good luck my fellow suicidees.

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Razor Devil
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Re: I wanna be the guy

Post by Tiny_plaid_ninjas on Sun Nov 01, 2009 1:09 am

Why is this even here? I don't think I wanna be the guy actually serves as a real game, but more of a laugh for a while. It's like discussing flash games in a forum. So while the omnipresent boss may disagree, I think you should at least attempt to keep this to actual games.
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