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World of Goo

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World of Goo

Post by Tiny_plaid_ninjas on Sun Nov 01, 2009 1:07 am

World of Goo is a new production from 2D Boy. As you can probably guess, it's a 2d puzzle game, involving building epic structures to reach your goal.
World of Goo follows the journey of some creatures called Goos as they explore their planet. Each level gives you a set amount of goos, with which you must use to build towards your goal. You build by holding a goo near an already preset goo structure, and then snapping it into place. Sound's simple? Wrong.
As you journey along, you encounter different types of goo, and have to use these to build in all sorts of directions. How about using your goos to form a hovercraft to rescue other goos, and then dropping them precisely in the target zone? How about forming a goo chain and flying it like a kite over a spinning wind mill of death?
Gameplay wise, world of goo is an excellent game, with an interesting and difficult challenge on every level. It certainly makes for some hair-tearing moments, but kindly, 2d boy has allowed you a certain number of skip credits, which you can use to skip a level that becomes too hard. Full of laughs just for the sake of making you feel better, gameplay is excellent.
Graphics aren't really a main point of the game, considering it's a puzzle game, but yet, they look good nonetheless. Cool backdrops provide awesome backgrounds as you build your epic structures to the sky.
Sound tracks accompany the game perfectly, with exactly the right tune to set the mood of the level.
All in all, a satisfying and deliciously tricky game.
This critic rates it 9/10
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